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Rugged Tablets

We are a specialist Manufacturer and Distributor to businesses of touch screen devices including Rugged Tablets, PDAs and Panel PCs covering Windows and Android Operating platforms.

We offer expert advice and a custom build service, focusing on delivering tailored solutions to businesses.

We work closely with you to deliver solutions personalised to match your individual needs. Every tablet we sell undergoes final build and testing here in the UK where we also carry out all of our support, servicing and repairs.

We are Tablet Technologies

  • We live and breathe touch, mobile and industrial computer technology.
  • We deliver rugged industry orientated solutions, recognising recurrent needs amongst our customers.
  • We understand that technology must be task orientated and meet the demands of its users and environment.
  • We never settle for “off the shelf”, instead striving to create tailored solutions to better meet our customer’s needs.

Our Difference

Unique Devices
We are brand independent and have our own range of tablets
All our products are rugged and designed to provide years of service
We can customise our products to meet your needs
UK based, global reach
Our stock and our support is handled in the UK with a growing network of international distributors
Support & Warranty
We offer extended support packages to suit you